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Vintage Mego Toys BLACK HOLE Old Bob Action Figure - 1979 (Restored Figure)

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A Restored Vintage Mego Toy

Disneys The Black Hole

Old Bob 


Action Figure

MEGO 1979 

This Item is Restored: Some Parts Are Original & Some Parts Are Not Original 

Please be Aware This Item Contains Reproduction Parts.


  • The figure is supplied loose (No Orginal Packaging) 
  • Item has two modern new replacement screws to its body.
  • This item has been restored
  • Sold As a Adult Collectors Item Only
  • The two piece main body plastic parts are original (torso & head)
  • Head still moves around, and can be pushed down & pops back up.
  • Both decal stickers attached to figures front are reproductions paper stickers 
  • Smaller Parts, Arms, Clamps & Guns etc are Plastic-Re-pro (Plastic Reproduction Remould Parts)
  • This item has been restored by a collector sometime in the past (pre-3D printer age) 
  • None of the work has been carried out by us.
  •  All main Torso & Head plastic parts are original Mego, though the figure has been kit-bashed using Vincent Legs.
  • Item was dismantled and put back together. 
  • Comes with original base, the base has small chips on it, plastic has slightly discolored. 
  • This Product is Made from Plastic.
  • This item is extremely rare on the collectors market and will be posted via an insured postal carrier (UK Special Delivery)
  • We have sold carded original versions of this figure for over £1500 in the Past.
  • Original Manufacturer Date MEGO Corp 1979 - Reproduction Parts Circa 2000.