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Transformers The Definitive G1 Collection - Primal Scream Issue 3 - Brand New

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Primal Scream

Issue 3

Released: 27/01/2017

The classic Marvel UK & Marvel US Generation 1 Transformers storylines, represented together in sequential volumes for the first time ever. Featuring specially colourized (by fan favourite John-Paul Bove) UK stories 'Race with the Devil' and 'Survivors', the return of Megatron, the rise of Unicorn and honest-to-gosh ORIGIN OF THE TRANSFORMERS, this volume is a true first and a must-have for all collectors. Plus, new background material created especially for The Definitive Collection, including a feature on the colourising process by John-Paul Bove and a contextual introduction by the series editorial consultant, Simon Furman.

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