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The Horror Collection!

Face your fears with The Horror Collection... A selection of detailed figurines showcasing the most famous fiends in film.

These terrifying hand-painted statuettes are sculpted in metallic resin at a 1:16 scale, portraying the scariest characters that haunt our nightmares!


Pray for forgiveness - the Valak (The Nun) Figurine creeps into The Horror Collection!

An avatar of the goetic demon Valak, this eerie nun first appeared in The Conjuring 2 (2016) and was so terrifying that she gained her own film - The Nun (2018)!

The film revealed the dark origins of this entity – summoned into the depths of a Romanian chapel in the Middle Ages, the demon Valak was sealed away for centuries by the Knights Templar. Yet the bombing campaigns of World War 2 were enough to weaken its prison, and the Nun was released once more…

This 1:16 scale figurine captures the likeness of actress Bonnie Aarons, fully transformed into the ghoulish abbess!

Product Features:

Terrifying 1:16 scale figurines
Height: Approx 11.6cm
Collector-friendly packaging
Comes with a display base

The Valak (The Nun) Figurine comes posed atop a display base, and is sealed in collector-friendly window packaging.


Brand New Boxed

One Supplied