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Mutated Fifield Figurine (Prometheus) Issue 31

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Sean Fifield was a geologist who was a part of the crew of the USCSS Prometheus sent to search for the origins of human life on a faraway world.

After landing on the planet LV-223, due to a rapid windstorm, the team are forced to return to the Prometheus. Fifield however, were unknowingly left behind and had no choice but to stay in the temple, he encounters two Hammerpedes that emerge from the black liquid. His helmet is sprayed with acid and ends up mutated by the Black Liquid.

This gruesome Mutated Fifield Figurine stands 12.8 cm stands, captures a new mutation for Fifield taken from an alternate, unused scene in Prometheus, featuring a translucent cowl over his elongated head, mutated body, and three-toed lizard-like feet.

Issue 31 of the Alien & Predator Figurine Collection. 


Character: Sean Fifield (Mutated)
Movie: Prometheus
Licensor: 20th Century Fox
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections
Type: Figurine
Material: Metallic Resin
Height with Base: 12.8 cm
Product Weight: 149g
Packaging: Full-colour window box
Language: English

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