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Ghostbusters the Official Figurine Collection: Issue 3 Peter Venkman Figurine

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"Back off man; I'm a scientist"... Dr. Peter Venkman is one of the original Ghostbusters and is considered as their leader. 

Dr. Peter Venkman studies psychology and parapsychology and doesn't usually take his work seriously. He is less technologically experienced than Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler but he is superior to them in terms of social abilities, that put him as the front man of the group. Bill Murray is exceptional in the role of Peter Venkman bringing his excellent sense of humour and charming nature. 

This fantastic metallic resinPeter Venkman figurine is crafted at 1:16 scale and captures the likeness of Bill Murray in full Ghostbusters uniform from 1984 movie. . He has  a proton pack on his back and is holding the wand out in front of him.

Product Features:

  • Figurine measures: 11.8 cm 
  • Material: Metallic Resin, carefully produced in 1:16 scale
  • Hand-painted for incredible detail to show all the little details in the Ghostbusters equipment and uniform, including a name plate on his left chest
  • Standing on a black base with original Ghostbusters logo
  • Great gift for Ghostbusters fans