Dark Justice: Dominion (Hardcover 18 Oct 2018)

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A new original hardcover continuing the story of the Dark Judges 2000 AD's most iconic villains! LOST IN SPACE! The cargo ship Solips, en-route to a colony on a remote planet, finds three figures drifting through space. But these might prove to be the last passengers the ship ever pick up! Judges Death, Fire and Mortis, soon find they have an entire colony where they can administer their twisted justice to the living. Can the colonists survive their dominion?

John Wagner is, to many fans, the very heart of the renowned comic 2000 AD. Involved from the earliest days of the comic in 1977, he co-created Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog, as well as a whole cast of other memorable characters. Wagner has worked extensively beyond the Thargian universe, originating and editing a number of British periodicals as well as writing many American standards. His Paradox Press graphic novel A History of Violence was made into a major film from director David Cronenberg.


96 Pages

Brand New Hardback Book.