Alien: TITANS: Nostromo Collection - Blind Box (One Random Figure Supplied)

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Alien TITANS: 
Nostromo Collection
 Blind Box 
 (One Random 3" Figure Supplied)
From 20th Century Fox and Titan Merchandise comes Alien TITANS: 
The Nostromo Collection. 
The entire crew of the USCSS Nostromo is featured in this 12 piece set – including their stowaway, 
 the infamous Xenomorph (nicknamed ‘Big Chap’).
From the secretive Science Officer Ash to the ill-fated Kane, to the heroic Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, 
 every member of the doomed star-freighter is featured in 3” Blind-Boxed format. 
 Also featured – in every stage of its evolutionary cycle- is the eponymous creature: Egg, Facehugger, Chestburster 
 and adult Alien is all represented in vinyl form!
Each figure is sealed inside a 3” blind-boxed and some come with a character specific accessory.
One random figure is supplied.
We Will Not Open Boxes to Find Out What Contents Are
Please be Aware that Duplicates Maybe Supplied if you Order More than One Item
All items are New Sealed.

One random figure supplied.

3" Vinyl Figure