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Alien Retro Panther & Scorpion Figurines (2-Pack)

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Perhaps the wiliest xenomorph mutation, the Panther Alien’s sharp intellect and even sharper claws mean it is perfectly built to pursue and dispatch its prey. Unlike perhaps any other Xenomorph, this alien carries another creature on its back that it can command into the air to help it complete a kill.

As its name suggests, the Scorpion Alien possesses a durable, spiky endoskeleton and a poisonous sting in its tail. Unlike its Earthbound counterpart though, this creature stands as tall as any man and its attack are almost always deadly. It has evolved a reddish hue to help it blend into its desert planet environment.

This retro double pack is produced in 1:16 Scale and the figurines are approximately 12 cm tall. Presented in a unique display friendly collector box.


Character: Alien Retro Panther Alien & Scorpion Alien
Licensor: 20th Century Fox
Manufacturer: Eaglemoss Collections
Type: Figurine
Material: Metallic Resin
Height with Base: approx 12cm
Product Weight:
Packaging: Full-colour window box
Language: English

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